Our Approach

At TKM Electric, Heat, & Air, LLC, all we want is for you to be happy with our services. We put our customers concerns and worries to rest with simple straight forward pricing, so there is no concern on how long it is taking just knowing you are receiving the highest quality of service for a reasonable price. Let us become your partner in keeping your AC Systems tuned and your electrical systems operating safely. If while we are doing a repair and we see something that requires attention we will come show you, and let you decide if we repair it on this trip or wait until another time. All we want is your complete and total satisfaction with the services we bring to you.

Our Story

Since my youth I have always been fascinated with construction and the processes and time it takes to deliver a quality job on time. This curiosity and search for knowledge is still the driving force of this company and its desire to stay on top with the latest training. Our training is what keeps us a step ahead of our competition.

Our Team

Here at TKM Electric, Heat, and Air, LLC our team is dedicated to giving you first class service. We already know if you are calling us life has already thrown you a curve ball. A problem you didn't need or want so we do our best to help take the concern out by offering straight forward pricing. Before we start any repair you will know exactly how much it will cost before. This way there are no surprises and no watching the clock thinking how much is this going to cost.


Timothy Moseley


Tim Moseley has been in the electrical field since 1994 and was helping his grandfather do heating and air conditioning work when he was 7. He never backs down from a challenge and actually likes to be challenged to keep him alert and well up to date on all the changes in both fields of electrical and mechanical work. His motto is fix it correct the first time every time. He went to a federally recognized apprenticeship school where he graduated top of his class. He takes great pride in his work and his customer service.

Next Steps...

If you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable company to help you with all your electrical, heating, and air conditioning needs then look no further. You are our number one concern. Your total and complete satisfaction is our # 1 goal.